Hair Replacement for Women

Hair replacement for women is a very important process for any woman experiencing hair loss. Hair replacement for women can provide a tremendous confidence boost and also improve self esteem. For most women losing their hair is a very traumatic time as they often feel they loose part of their identity with their hair. At Hair Systems Manchester about 60% of our clientele are women, we pride ourselves on providing them with the best service possible. There is nothing worse than losing your hair, it gets to the point for many people, that everybody they see has a fantastic head of hair. Many women ask themselves ‘why is this happening to me?’

Hair Replacement for Women

All Hair Systems Manchester, hair consultants have experienced hair loss themselves and as a result can empathise with these feelings, they fully understand how little things suddenly become major problems, for example going out in a convertible car, being out in the rain. Somebody who has never experienced hair loss will never truly understand how daunting having your photograph can become. We understand these feelings and will work to find the best solution to suit your lifestyle.

For this reason hair replacement for women at our centres involves the use of a non surgical hair transplan system (NSHT) . You have the opportunity to decide whether the hair you choose closely matches your original hair or whether you choose a totally new look. The hair replacement system is superior to conventional wigs, that can be heavy, uncomfortable and need to be removed. Hair Systems Manchester, hair systems enable you to live your life with a full head of hair and most importantly to be confident to live a normal life.

Hair replacement for women removes a lot of negativity, providing the freedom to enjoy a holiday, dive into a swimming pool or if so inclined to go on the scariest ride at Alton Towers knowing your hair system will stay securely in place. You can relax in the knowledge that our consultants have shared the same concerns and worries as you but have also experienced the return to normality that our hair systems offer.

 Hair Replacement for Women Commonly Asked Questions

Can I decide on the length of my hair?

Yes, this will be discussed in your consultation, and you will be supported in the decisions you make.

If I choose a hair style that is curly, can I straighten my hair system?

Yes the hair can be straightened, however you must use a protecting spray which we reccomend for anyone using straighteners on real hair.

If I choose curly hair and I staighten it will I get the same curl back the next day?

Your hair will react to the order you gave us at the centre. So if you choose curly hair you will be able to achieve a straight look , but when it gets wet, or is left it will bounce back to itsoriginal curl.

Can I have highlights?

Yes there are a number of different methods to achieve this, we can design low lights, spot highlights or we can do a colour blend.

Is the hair you use human hair?        

Yes we only use human hair, we will ensure the closest match possible to your own hair, for example European hair, Asian hair or Chinese hair.

How long does the entire process take?       

The time taken depends on the level of hair loss you are experiemcing, if the hair loss is minimal it could take about 4 weeks from the initial consultation, for more severe hair loss it could take 6-8 weeks. Your consultant will be able to fully advise you about the time scale.

How long does the fitting take?        

The fitting process usually takes about two hours, but we never rush a fitting session.

Will I be with people who do not suffer from hair loss?      

No, everybody at Hair Systems Manchester is a private client who is experiencing hair loss.

Is the hair replacement centre easy to find?

The centre is easy to find using a satnav, the building is very discreet, with only a small sign. Many of our clients feel reassured knowing that they can come and go from the centre without passer bys realising they are experiencing hair loss.

Are your hair replacement stylists fully qualified hairdressers? 

Yes, we pride ourselves on onlyemploying the very best stylists.

What will happen on the day of the fitting?

You will be pampered, as all of our clients are. The fitting will take place in a private room, and our stylists will cut your hair into your desired style.

At Hair Systems Manchester,  staff can provide advice and support on all aspects of hair replacement for women.