Step 1 Apply Bond adhesive remover

To start off with, find your spray-on adhesive remover and apply it directly on the area of your hair system that is secured to your scalp. There are many types of this, so choose the best for your skin type. Apply and allow the solvent to soak in, ad absorb into the bond and break down. After 5-10 minutes the bond will break easily and you can slowly start to take the system off.

Step 2 Slowly Pull back the hair system

Everyone has there own way. If done properly and by yourself you can remove the system from pealing back your hairline. Do so carefully and slowly. If need be, spray more bond adhesive remover to help aid in removal.

Step 3 Take off hair system until removed

Once removed, clean the head until the glue is removed. Apply the correct and proper shampoo and clean. Now apply some spirit to clean the whole head.

Step 4 Clean the system

Now the hair system needs to be cleaned with bond remover and shampoo. Once clean dry the system.

Step 5 Apply bond to system and the scalp

 Apply the glue bond on the system and scalp. Use the best method for you ie. tape, ultra bond, ghost bond etc. Once applied wait a few minuted for it to settle so the bond is at its stickiest.

Step 6 Stick the system down

Now slowly and carefully apply the system from the hairline first. Mark in your head where the hairline will start from. Place down and check. Once happy press down and inch by inch pull down the system the scalp to bond firmly and securely.

Step 7 Style the hair and go!

Now style your hair how ever you like it and go enjoy!