Human Hair Extensions

Human hair extensions are used by many people to add length and volume to their existing hair, before choosing this option of hair loss therapy it is worth spending a little time researching the various methods used to apply and remove hair extensions.

Methods of attaching human hair extensions

The hot glue method, uses  glue , sometimes known as keratin glue, but GLUE never the less! This can cause damage to the existing hair and can ‘MELT’ after a few weeks and tangle with your own hair. Further more, acetone is then used to dissolve the glue on removal which can break and dry out the existing hair.

Some companies have a so called ‘Cold’ method. This system uses a short wave frequency to melt the glue, whilst at least it does not use heat, it still uses an adhesive method and a solvent to break down the glue on removal. It is at the point of removal when the client experiences great discomfort and hair pulling.

Another method , used popularly in Afro-Caribbean salons is cane rows of plaited hair and then sewing wefts onto this. This system is painful and can cause extreme cases of traction alopecia. It is also very “lumpy” and does not lay flat to the head.

An innovative  system used by Hair Systems Manchester for human hair extensions is ‘The Link System’. This system for applying  human hair extensions is excellent. There is no glue, heat chemicals or plaiting used to connect the extensions to the head, producing  beautiful flat and smooth human hair extensions. This system can be used to apply human hair extensions all over the head or in specified areas to achieve the desired look and style.

The Link System™ human hair extensions are so versatile they can even be used as a styling accessory – just 10 extensions – taking 10 minutes to apply can be really effective for partial shaping­ or colouring. Application is simple, using a tiny flat colour matching tubular link and unique hand crafted ‘ply-clamp’™. The Link is threaded over the natural hair and the human hair extension and is then closed by using the ‘ply-clamp’ creating a lasting flat bond leaving no damage to the natural hair. These human hair extensions will last 90+ days.

The finest quality of human hair is used for our human hair extensions in Euro texture and Russian Hair. The ‘Link System’ human hair extensions use no glue, no heat and it’s easy to apply. Unlike other traditional methods of attaching human hair extensions there is no damage caused to the hair when the human hair extensions are taken out.

Hair Systems Manchester uses hand picked virgin hair which  is cuticle aligned, ensuring tangle free lustre quality, together with durability making the Hair Systems Manchester human hair extenstions long lasting.

Human Hair Extensions Q & A

How are the extensions attached?

Human hair extensions are attached to the client’s hair using the Link System without the need for any potentially damaging glue, heat or solvent. A tiny coloured copper tubular link is used which is hypo-allergenic and will not discolour or rust.

How easy is this system to learn?

With our Lace Making, Volumising, & Partial Wig Making Course the system and can be perfected with a little practice. please check look at the courses page on the website.

Can I re-use the hair?

Unlike other hair extension systems, yes you can. One of the nice things about this system is that if you keep the hair in for 6 weeks or less, it is reuseable. This is only guaranteed however if the greatest of care is taken and the instructions are followed.

How do I choose the colours of the hair extensions? 
You should always order 2 or 3 shades different from the client’s hair. It is also suggested that you use a shade or two lighter than the client’s hair in order to give it some highlights.

How long should the hair extensions stay in for? 
If all instructions are followed, the human hair extensions will stay in for a period of 3 to 4 months but it is important that the client is informed of how to look after their human hair extensions to ensure their longest life.

What type of Hair is it? 
The hair that we use in our human hair extensions is authentic Human Remy Hair that has had minimal processing. Our system is not available in synthetic fibre as it does not have the durability and versatility that human hair extensions provide.

Can I colour the human hair extensions? 
Yes. The human hair extensions can be coloured to darken or change the tone by using no more than 2% peroxide.

Can I use straightening Irons or Curling Tongs? 
Yes. With the Hair Systems Manchester human hair extensions you can use these without any problems, but you must always use a thermal protector spray.

Remember if you want to avoid damaging, breaking or drying your hair The Link System is the best method for attaching human hair extensions.