Joey came to Hair Systems Manchester, not only looking for a new look, but also a big confidence boost.

Since our first consultation, Joey was always very quiet and held his head down. His confidence was shot and it was in the most part associated with him not being happy with the way his hair looked.

As you can see from the picture, the loss of hair was quite obvious and he didn’t like what he saw.

Then he was introduced to Steve at Hair Systems Manchester, by his friend who had been a client.

As always we took care and time looking at the options and explaining at length the befits of each.

All the meetings were held at our very relaxed clinic in Swinton, near Manchester.

Joey liked how easy it was to get to from Bolton in Greater Manchester and found our staff very polite, friendly and professional.

Joey After2Joey afterThe results speak for themselves, here is how he now looks.

He now has a great hairline, with a really nice style to sides and back. Un-noticeable from the person who first came in through our doors.

With more confidence and plenty of pride about himself, Joey’s head is held high and you no longer have to ask him to repeat himself.

He has since recommended one of his other friends who had the same issue, he too is seeing the befits of using Hair Systems Manchester.