Hair Replacement System Styles

Modern Hair Replacement Systems can be cut and styled into almost any design. Below is a gallery of styles that can be emulated to your hair system.

Clipped up Back style
Clipped up Back styleClipped up in the back and sides meeting a longer crown and top. The bulk is closest to the scalp with fine ends to be styled and positioned.

Short cut
Short cutHere is a more classic men’s short hair cut with an extreme amount of texture

Men's choppy Style
Men’s choppy StyleHeavily-textured to create a choppy, chaotic look in the top and crown sections, this variant of the short-back-and-sides features perimeter hairlines that taper to the scalp and increase rapidly toward the parietal ridge. The longer top section is given choppy layers and directed inward in the styling using a wax-based pomade, in order to give the hair control and malleability. The fringe features some chipping for visual interest, but the overall effect is one of the faux-hawk design. (I wear My own hair In this style.)

Hair style with Longer Crown
Hair style with Longer CrownThe back is clippered up into a measured fade flowing into a longer crown and top keeping the bulkiness next to the scalp. The hair is clipped short around the ears meeting his sideburns

Long fringe style
Long fringe stylelong, layered fringe that falls freely into his forehead. Sides and back are neat and dapper, with no hair going against grain, so all the style is happening on top. Neat or messy, the right base cut provides many styling options with this style.

Heavy Long Fringe
Heavy Long FringeHealthy smooth layers of hair are applied over the eye to notice the individual awareness of each line structured. Precisely clipped over the ears and around the nape, stages the brawny chin line.

Mens Destructured style
Mens Destructured styleDestructured effect with deep spiking, leaving longer strands on the top of the head. The nape and sides are layered between the fingers.

Mens short style
Mens short styleTimelessly beautiful and very distinct: short hair for men. The short, textured fringe is a main characteristic of the style together with the softly defined contours and the general rough texture of the hair. An uncomplicated hairstyle with several styling options. For men who want fashion to be real but basic.

Mens Short Fringe
Mens Short FringeA classic short men’s cut has been updated with a lightly longer nape, narrow and short sideburns, short bangs and lots of texture. The hair is layered with longer lengths on the crown and in the neck. This versatile look can be styled with some gel or wax and ten fingers alone. It can look professional in the day and turn spiky and wild at night.

Mens bowl-cut style
Mens bowl-cut styleThis simple bowl-cut look features a sharply-defined horizontal fringe that forms the weight line of the entire style. The layering below this line forms a gently taper and is styled smooth in a blow-out style for softness and mobility. The look is clean-cut and professional and suited to many.

Men's young look style
Men’s young look styleNippy flicks of layers bring our gent’s hair into a fine feathery form when combed. Tucks of cuts are prominent around the ears and enough length in the back to nestle along his nape.

Mens well-groomed style
Mens well-groomed styleThis short crop strays from the classic men’s haircut with its intense texture and a play with differene and unexpected lengths. All is balanced but full of dynamic motion and therefore high energy. Styled to show off all of its key elements the look is at the same time neat and well groomed but shows its wild side too.

Long Choppy style
Long Choppy styleClean and polished lines of hair are clipped up around the ears and across the back. A choppy cut in the crown graduates into the hefty creation of a waterfall that dips over upon the young man’s eyebrows.

Long Choppy style
Men’s Metro styleA shagged out top with tight sides for a more classic yet casual style, thinned and texturised by razor cutting twisted lengths of hair. A faux-hawk with a twist and tight cropped sides without lines. A razor cut for a taper-edged, spiked feel, with long bangs and length all over.

Men's choppy all over
Men’s choppy all overThe hair is cut in an oval line around the head, layered and highly textured. The center of all movement is high on the crown, from where the hair spreads towards the front and down the sides and the back. While the sides are more docile, there is a lot of action above the forehead.

Men's Short-layered style
Men’s Short-layered styleThis hairstyle is a simple, short-layered cut. The perimeter goes above the ears and squares at the nape, with an inch to an inch-and-a-half at the sides graduating to two to two-and-a-half inches at the top of the head. The real secret to this mens cut is the texturing. The styling becomes a simple matter of using a good, firm-hold product that remains malleable (such as a sculpting wax) and blowing the hair mostly dry. The fingers are then used to give the strands definition and to direct the peaks and swirls as desired.


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